Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I forgot to take a picture

my june swap package was send to the states but stupidly I didn't take a picture. I'll have to ask meggles for a snap when she gets the parcel. I also forgot to put the card in the envelope so that will be on its way tomorrow.

THe tadpoles are one by one turning into frogs boy this thing is taking a long time. we've released a few into our pond allready several got eaten by siblings and we'll hopefully release more tonight.
Its very hot here again, a reminder that we need a few nice tall trees in the garden to provide some much needed shade.
I managed to do a bit of spinning and some felting the last couple of days, obviously the kids helped. I felted a couple of litte flowers in a bubblewrap bag that i saved and i worked really nicely. It was some alpaca seconds dyed with cakedyes and it felted up so fast lest than 10 minutes to make two flowers with 3 kids helping! I need to felt a couple of beads to be used as th flowers centre and then they'll go on my sunhat.
I need to get a new spring for my wheel somehow its gone missing but one of the repair kits it 10 pounds! will have to go trough James's pcbit box h usually has something suitable in there

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