Wednesday, 6 May 2009

wednesday day is marketday

Euan calls it wednesday day market day. WE have 2 markets the normal one every wednesday (it has been like that for a looooongs time) and once a month on a saturday the farmersmarket. Euan loves this market because he allways leaves with pocketsfull of fuit from the marketlady as he calls her :)
Today was no exception a bunch of grapes some satsumas and an apple he was a very happy chappy.
Before we left Willow took a dive outside, he now has a very fat lip, lips bleed, a lot and I had to go change before we could go out. WE also had our horse eat our dinosaurs, the bunny had Euans knex instructions for breakfast the chickens where chasing rodney who folishly thought he could take them. Kiwigirl got herself stuck on the roof (again!!) and by the time we left it was only 8.30! WE do our shopping for the entire week so by the time we're back home its almast 11. They boys will run around the garden for awhile normally with their lunch on the outside table which they will take a bite from every once in awhile. They 12 o'clock everybody goes for a rest whilct Euan doesn't nap anymore (and hasnt since he was 20 months old!) he still settles down with a bunch of books and has some quiet time with me. Then there is more running around and at the same time EUan will fire 1001 questions at me (why can I see the moon mummy, what is chocolate made of, why are bananas yellow not green, what are peppers made of, haw many sands are in the sandpit (he meant sandgrain lol!) why is that earth round and that one flat (pointing at the globe and the wallmap) is it summer yet?).

They have just finished their paint experiment in which Euan figured out that yes you can have too much paint. So he's cleaning it all of the table so we can have dinner soon.

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