Thursday, 21 May 2009

things we've done over the last week

We found two snails in the tadpole tank, they must have been on the plants we put in they have been seperated and have their very own tanks now (a mayonaise jar)

We took out every encyclopedia yesterday to read about crocdiles and Euan mentioned that their webby bits are just like our webby bits. He is since obsessed with webby bits and checks every animal for them

we turned some of their artwork into little mosters.

rescued a blackbird out of the jaws of Rodney

found slowworms and read up on them

Picture 062

Picture 058

Picture 026

played dinosaurs as loud as we could

bought Euans birthday present and managed to sneak it inside without him noticing (you can see it here)

did a test to see what foods in the kitchen would pop like popcorn (only popcorn)

found out Thomas can open the big heavy drawer in the kitchen
Picture 114
and he likes cocoapowder

hung up a photoframe that I got as a gift last xmas

brought the spinningwheel back down in the hopes the twins will treat it gently (they have so far!!)

played lots with cars and dinosaurs

knitted tiny rabbits and teddybears

recieved a swapparcel
Picture 127

and opened it
Picture 128

watched the WB carnival parade in the rain

Picture 097

Picture 098

put money in the buckets
Picture 104

saw a rainbow on the way home

Picture 105

made a tree

played scary insect

bought a dino book

chewed gum (and swallowed some!)

played in the park

craweled backwards down a hill

I haven't finished sorting trough all the photos so I've still got to add some....

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