Friday, 1 May 2009

a day in our life..

Today I picked up a bargain in one of the charityshops on the Highstreet (more on that in another post) whilst loading up the pushchair with all 10 books (like that thing isn't heavy enough!) a lady paying for her things comented on how nice it was a kid was buying books and would spend less time in front of the telly. the conversation went something like this
lady: So nice to see him buying books and spending less time watching telly
Me: o we don't have one
Lady: confused you what??
me: we don't have a telly
lady: o
lady: but they still get loads of it in school and such
me: o we don't do that
lady: (now really confused) what you don't do school?
me: no'p
lady: (looking at the charityshop lady for help) but but...
charityshop lady chimed in: I did that with my kids until they went to a steinerschool
lady: but what do you do then?
me: we homeeducate
lady: is that legal?
me biting my tongue whilst nodding

Now really if it wasn't legal would I just tell a stranger that we HE? would I be out and about with my nearly 5 year old in a town where every kid goes to school practically before they are born? I have to say I was not expecting charityshop lady to have he'ed her kids and certainly didn't think she was the steinerschool type! just shows that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover (I do though I refuse to read some of James's horrbile covered books ust because of the cover...)

After a few minutes (its difficult packing 10 bulky books into a pushchair) the lady asked me "but what do you do? how do you know what he is learning"
Quite a lot of people ask this, which I find odd. I mean I am with my kids pretty much 24/7, and we obviously interact a lot in that time and trough this interaction I know what they know sometimes they know more than i thought but on the whole I know what they know and what they don't know.
Now if Euan went to school he would be in a class of 30-35 kids and one teacher and maybe one assistant how on earth can 2 people know what 30 students know or don't know? Sure they can do tests but do they know if a student truly understands what has been thought?

after this bit of fun we went on to sainsbury's to pick up some babywipes which I forgot on wednesday. Euan got the list (6 packs of babywipes and a bag of compost) he had to count the packs and put them in the basket and he got to pay at the checkout (he paid the charityshop lady too!). We got home and he spend the next 2 hours (naptime) looking trough his new books.
We spend and hour in the park during which I thought him to make daisychains and he told me what plants and trees are in the park. we got home and they tried out all the toys on the slide to see what toy would go fastest and furthest.
We also planted more seeds this morning and transplanted some seedlings.
All in all we do a lot during a day and you know what they enjoy every minute of it. they are free to be who they are and are not forced to do silly tests, sit still for hours on end and spend most of their time away from their family.

Its hard work but I wouldn't change it for the world!

Now on the not owning a telly front, we finally canceled our tv license a couple of months ago and the threats have started the demands and the horrible letters misleading you into thinking they have power where they do not! It is quite horrible how they treat people and the lies they tell you. Want to know more about BBC and their interesting bullying tactics? go to letters from TV licensing also check out this guys link section.

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