Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Childrens encyclopdia

This is the bargain I picked up from the charityshop.


10 glorious volumes
full of everything you ever wanted to know. They where edited by Arthur Mee and the last set was published in 1964.
Instead of watching a movie last night James and I spend the evening surrounded by these books, flicking trough the pages trying to date them. None of the books had a date in them, and being the geeks we are we had to know the year of the books.
We managed to narrow it down to the end of 1923 and the beginning of 1924.

The thing about these that makes them so cool is the way they have been laid out. Instead of the normal from a-z index its has 19 groups:

group 1 Earth and its neighbours
group 2 Men and Women
group 3 Stories
group 4 Animal life
group 5 History
group 6 familira things
group 7 wonder
group 8 art
group 9 ourselves
group 10 plant life
group 11 countries
group 12 picture atlas
group 13 poetry and nursery rhymes
group 14 power
group 15 literature
group 16 ideas
group 17 the bible
group 18 things to make and do
group 19 school lesssons

some pictures



This makes it a far more interactive encyclopedia than the normal ones. Combined with the lovely photos and drawings it is much better than the childrens encyclopedia set we allready own.
Euan loves flicking trough books and these will be great for us to read together!

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