Thursday, 9 April 2009

we had a check up yesterday for Thomas's thumb. Thankfully it is healing very well. It was quite an ordeal getting the steristrips of since it had obviously been bleeding which dried up around the strips so it was one crusty gross looking mess. After soaking and peeling (and lots of screaming by Thomas) we we're left with a beautiful pink little thumb that still needed a dressing. So he still has a little sock over his hand to stop him peeling the whole thing of.

Euan's tadpoles in the mean time have gone from frilly gills to built in gills. they have eaten a large proportion of their siblings and are now content wih the odd earthworm thrown in. There must be at least 50 of the evil things! I will be uploading some pictures and videos later on today when the electricity is properly running again. they are doing some work at one of the echanges so it keeps going. Its so easy to forget how dependant we are on electricity Even lighting the stove uses electricity. Well i can use a lighter or matches but you get what I mean.

Back later with photo's

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