Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter hare, furoshiki and more

The pictures below are all part of grannies eastergift for the kids. I forgot to take a picture of it before I furoshikied it all up so that will have to be done some point tomorrow.

furoshiki hare 1

furoshiki hare 2

easter furoshiki

furoshiki hares kissing

Euan and I put an easterbasket together for Drew and his dog Max who live across the road.

easter basket for drew & max

This is one of the eggs that we dyed with red cabbage, we also dyed eggs with beets spinach and oinionpeels

red cabbage dye egg

A picture of Euan holding the little gnome that I made for him. your fingers go into his legs so you can make him run :)

knitted running gnome

Knitted horse (pattern by freya jaffke) for Euan's farm

knitted horse

Crochet sheep I made one for all 3 boys

sheep egg cosie

I joined a swap at ravelry where we swapped knitted mini socks. My package went to the states.

swap package

These are a couple of stamps I carved the little sock went to the states and the jelly shell is for Euan to stamp his own frogspawn.

carved by me stamps

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