Thursday, 23 April 2009

lifes lessons

Its been a tough few days (and we have another tough night coming)
Tina our oldest hen of 8 (ish) came flying out of the coop tuesday night landed about 3 or so meters further and just stayed there. It was obvious straight away that she wasn't right and after having picked her up she was unable to use her left side. James had to help her out which was hard on him and i took the boys inside to bring Euan the news. his first question was Why? followed by are you going to make soup out of her?

We buried her instead she is buried next to one of our apple trees, Euan watched me with a serious look on his face the entire time. When I finished he looked at the freshly dug earth and the tree and said now we have a tina tree with tina flowers and we'll have tina apple won't we mum?
I was worried how he would deal with it. there was a fair bit of crying since he watched her flying out of the coop and he knew she was disstressed and it was an unpleasant thing to have seen but he made peace with it so quickly.

I have one poorly hen seperated from the flock who will meet the same end tonight when James gets home. After talking to many people who are more expierenced than me with chooks (and more expierienced than our vet) she has been diagnosed with Lymphoid leukosis. I have never helped a chook to the end and want to make sure its done quickly so I guess tonight I'll have to be there and learn.
She's still eating a bit and grooming when she has the energy but she is obviously not well.

On top of that I am getting no sleep between crying babies and Euan with night terrors (not to mention James's horrible snoring!) I'm lucky if I get 3 hours uninterupted.
Aah the joys of mothering :)

All the chickenstuff has led to constant talking about death and lifecycles and many many many why's as Euan is trying to understand and make sense of life and death. its lead to many conversations about difference in species I just hope that he finds a happier subject to talk about soon!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Sunday, 12 April 2009


I'll let the pictures do the talking









Rosemary bunch 1

I have 4 of these huge bundles of rosemary. No idea what I'll do with it all but the bush had to be cut to move it. seems a shame to let it go to waste.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter hare, furoshiki and more

The pictures below are all part of grannies eastergift for the kids. I forgot to take a picture of it before I furoshikied it all up so that will have to be done some point tomorrow.

furoshiki hare 1

furoshiki hare 2

easter furoshiki

furoshiki hares kissing

Euan and I put an easterbasket together for Drew and his dog Max who live across the road.

easter basket for drew & max

This is one of the eggs that we dyed with red cabbage, we also dyed eggs with beets spinach and oinionpeels

red cabbage dye egg

A picture of Euan holding the little gnome that I made for him. your fingers go into his legs so you can make him run :)

knitted running gnome

Knitted horse (pattern by freya jaffke) for Euan's farm

knitted horse

Crochet sheep I made one for all 3 boys

sheep egg cosie

I joined a swap at ravelry where we swapped knitted mini socks. My package went to the states.

swap package

These are a couple of stamps I carved the little sock went to the states and the jelly shell is for Euan to stamp his own frogspawn.

carved by me stamps

Thursday, 9 April 2009

we had a check up yesterday for Thomas's thumb. Thankfully it is healing very well. It was quite an ordeal getting the steristrips of since it had obviously been bleeding which dried up around the strips so it was one crusty gross looking mess. After soaking and peeling (and lots of screaming by Thomas) we we're left with a beautiful pink little thumb that still needed a dressing. So he still has a little sock over his hand to stop him peeling the whole thing of.

Euan's tadpoles in the mean time have gone from frilly gills to built in gills. they have eaten a large proportion of their siblings and are now content wih the odd earthworm thrown in. There must be at least 50 of the evil things! I will be uploading some pictures and videos later on today when the electricity is properly running again. they are doing some work at one of the echanges so it keeps going. Its so easy to forget how dependant we are on electricity Even lighting the stove uses electricity. Well i can use a lighter or matches but you get what I mean.

Back later with photo's

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Thomas after a&e

Where are we

In A&E

Willow slammed the backdoor on Thomas's thumb and the top came of. Its all bandaged up and I am supposed to make sure it stays dry and clean untill next wednesday.....


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