Monday, 15 December 2008

I have a laptop again!!

So dear little kiwigirl smashed my laptop into many many pieces. most of my data was backed up except for my pst files all the ones backed up on the ddrive have gone why? I have no idea everything else is there. so I guess an update is in order. twe twins are no longer babies (sniff) they are walking talking demolition machines. in on under everything ensuring my butt never sits down for more than a couple of minutes. Euan has aquired a few swear words (obviously James's fault never mine ahem) the piggies are back inside the weather has been so wet and cold here. The chickens have a new run which James & I put up together (there was vey little swearing involved eventhough it was a flatpack!!)
The three new chicks are growing lots and enjoying the heaps of space they have here.
he three hens are pretty annoyed at the severly reduced amount of space available to them.
We put up the tree last week and it has been redecorated a gazillion times in the mean time. the twins remove decorations Euan throws everything back in. I have new pictures and am putting them up on flickr bt by bit. will get a link up in the sidebar some point today I hope.

Anyway its nap time for little monsters now...

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