Sunday, 21 December 2008


Thursday afternoon (I've been meaning to post this but just didn't manage to get around to it) we we're sitting down in the livingroom. Euan was reading a book I was knitting jack frost. Suddenl he looked up and said "mummy there is a dead elephant in the livingroom" so there i am living with a dead elephant in my livingroom.
the other one at the moment is the sticky tape on one of the gifts keeps popping of (its cheap tape) and acording to Euan it because it want more tape, he also says it doesn't need it it just wants it. The elephant comment is close in weirdness to a comment he made when he was 2ish. James and Euan where going to the park when suddenly he annouced "daddy its margerett thatcher day" yup margerett thatcher day. Where are cerainly not fans of her in this house (antifans?) o where that came from nobody knows......

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