Sunday, 21 December 2008

Birthday party story painting

So squish and I did a paining session this afternoon. We painted the birthday party story.

It is blues birthday today
Paint big blob of blue in the middle of your paper.
Blue has invited some friends over to celebrate. before his guests arrive blue ensures the room is ready.
paint over the paper as if blue is walking around the room.
Blue finished getting everthing ready and waited for his guest to arrive
knock loudly on surface.
someone knocked on the door its yellow. Yellow comes in and congratulates blue. yellow goes and looks around the room, he looks out of the window and walks over to the table with food on it.
paint all over the paper as if yellow is walking around.
Suddenly there is a loud knock again (knock on a surface) its red! red comes is and starts chatting with blue. after a little while red goes and says hello to yellow. she walks over to get a slice of cake and some juice.
paint all over paper as if red is walking

Can you see who red & yellow brought to the party?

Euan loved it! its was really nice to spend 10 minutes or so painting together. it was just long enough to hold his attention and not get bored

The first one is Euan's

And this is mine

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