Thursday, 24 July 2008

learning fun

Euan loves bugs and birds (most of the time these are presents from one of our cats though...) can't get enough of them so logically i use them in his "education".
SO many charities and origination's now have special clubs and activities it seems sill not to use them.
So my list of great places with good resources and challanges follows

I'll add to this as and when I find more animal/nature related resources

Thomas has a hat fetish....

He really does, he can be screaming his head of and the you pop a hat on him and he's all smiles

It doesn't even have to be a hat a paper bag works better sometimes

Euan with the fabulous hat

Willow hates hats and gets jealous when people play with hats

life trough Euan's eyes

All these where taken on our finepox s5600 by Euan

Daddies broken bike delivered back home


daddies bike again

fence again

floor next to coops


garden at the front

kiwigirl in the grass


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