Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year!

Here are some pictures from the last week :)

Euan in bed with his tractor

Euan and some of his trains

mum & Thomas

Willow painting

Willow painting

Willow Painting

Thomas painting

Thomas painting

Thats us the last week. not much got done since mum came over for a visit. and I doubt much will get done since we're playing catch up with laundry and dishes at the moment.

Jack frost is still NOT finished....................

Saturday, 27 December 2008


After some wine

christmas crackers and stars

Well the worst christmas cracker joke was
how do you get two whales in a car

well can you guess?
over the severn bridge

And stars lots of origami star shaped t-light holders
Blue's birthday

This is the first set. they went to the MIL. In the mean time the autumn tree and prayer painting have been origamied to. will take photo's later

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Basket full of gnomes

A basketfull

a basketfull of gnomes. A found branch has been turned into 6-7 gnomes a bunch of tree coins and we still have more left

Birthday party story painting

So squish and I did a paining session this afternoon. We painted the birthday party story.

It is blues birthday today
Paint big blob of blue in the middle of your paper.
Blue has invited some friends over to celebrate. before his guests arrive blue ensures the room is ready.
paint over the paper as if blue is walking around the room.
Blue finished getting everthing ready and waited for his guest to arrive
knock loudly on surface.
someone knocked on the door its yellow. Yellow comes in and congratulates blue. yellow goes and looks around the room, he looks out of the window and walks over to the table with food on it.
paint all over the paper as if yellow is walking around.
Suddenly there is a loud knock again (knock on a surface) its red! red comes is and starts chatting with blue. after a little while red goes and says hello to yellow. she walks over to get a slice of cake and some juice.
paint all over paper as if red is walking

Can you see who red & yellow brought to the party?

Euan loved it! its was really nice to spend 10 minutes or so painting together. it was just long enough to hold his attention and not get bored

The first one is Euan's

And this is mine


Thursday afternoon (I've been meaning to post this but just didn't manage to get around to it) we we're sitting down in the livingroom. Euan was reading a book I was knitting jack frost. Suddenl he looked up and said "mummy there is a dead elephant in the livingroom" so there i am living with a dead elephant in my livingroom.
the other one at the moment is the sticky tape on one of the gifts keeps popping of (its cheap tape) and acording to Euan it because it want more tape, he also says it doesn't need it it just wants it. The elephant comment is close in weirdness to a comment he made when he was 2ish. James and Euan where going to the park when suddenly he annouced "daddy its margerett thatcher day" yup margerett thatcher day. Where are cerainly not fans of her in this house (antifans?) o where that came from nobody knows......

Saturday, 20 December 2008

wet on wet painting

Melissa from a little garden flower did an online wet on wet paining session yesterday. If you missed it think it will be on youtube soon so check out their channel.
The painting at the top is my first succesful w-o-wpainting.
I made another painting but I'm still waiting for that picture to come trough to my laptop from my mobile. Will be back!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Whats up with the acorns?

I have only ever seen these:
And now all I seem to find on blogs are these:
As far as I know all these blogs are in the States. is this an oak only found there? I love the way their acorncaps look....

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

James is away for work

So I obviously have a stinking bad headeache had virtually no sleep (fighting cats this time kids all slept really well :S)

My tree got pulled over, redecorated and then Rodney decided it was his turn to demolish it.

The twins have decided their favorite game at the moment is to either take all the cans out of the cupboard and throw them randomly around the kitchen, fill the toaster with small wooden blocks, or drop a bit of toast and scream like someone chopped part of you of. you should see peoples looks in Sainsburys when I have them both screaming at the top of their lungs.

We went into a little artshop on the highstreet today and won't be going back. We needed some new brushes especially for te wet on wet painting we'll be doing. the owner was horrible. Shouting at willow to be quiet. So i quickly paid (and only did that because I wouldn't be able to get brushes anywhere else) and left. Next time I'll order of the internet thank you very much.

We did get to do a bit of painting but it was a failed experiment. the colours turned out to be far too diluted so we'll try again tomorrow.

Jack frost is pretty much all knitted. I've got 1 cuff the neckcuff and the hat left and then its stuffing and sewing up. I really hope he'll turn out nice Euan is desperate to see him finished.

I managed to wrap most of the gifts last night and put them out on a bookshelf for squish to find who is now obviously very excited and can't wait for next week.
Hopefully tomorrow we get to do some snowflakes for the window.

And we made a little boat & fairy for the seizoenstafel I used a scarf to make a river and Euan placed the little boat on ready to sail to some unknown place :)

Monday, 15 December 2008

Gifts brought by St nick

Originally uploaded by mum21andtwins
This is the bag of gfts that was waiting for the kids saturday morning (6-12) in it a barn, a train, both for Euan a book to share. New pj's for all three dolls for the twins socks for James and a magazine for me. and obviously satsumas nuts and chocolate coins.

I have a laptop again!!

So dear little kiwigirl smashed my laptop into many many pieces. most of my data was backed up except for my pst files all the ones backed up on the ddrive have gone why? I have no idea everything else is there. so I guess an update is in order. twe twins are no longer babies (sniff) they are walking talking demolition machines. in on under everything ensuring my butt never sits down for more than a couple of minutes. Euan has aquired a few swear words (obviously James's fault never mine ahem) the piggies are back inside the weather has been so wet and cold here. The chickens have a new run which James & I put up together (there was vey little swearing involved eventhough it was a flatpack!!)
The three new chicks are growing lots and enjoying the heaps of space they have here.
he three hens are pretty annoyed at the severly reduced amount of space available to them.
We put up the tree last week and it has been redecorated a gazillion times in the mean time. the twins remove decorations Euan throws everything back in. I have new pictures and am putting them up on flickr bt by bit. will get a link up in the sidebar some point today I hope.

Anyway its nap time for little monsters now...

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

time flies!!

so much has happend and I seem to have no where near enough time to write things down I really need to find a gap in my schedule somewhere to write on a more regular babsi.
Well both babies are now toddlers. I have videos of both their first steps :) WIllows vid is on youtube allready thomas's will go on asap.
Euan has grown out of 2 pairs of shoes in two months glad neither pair was expensive!
My little brother came and visited us the first time I've seen him in over two years!
Euan can do simple maths. OK this might be silly but, we walked past 2 fireengines and after a couple of minutes one of them drove of flashing lights and all. EUan looked very serious after it (he normally jumps from excitement at the lights & noise) looked at me and said why is there only one left now? He has entered another why phase.

Me: do you want toast
E yes
ME What would you like on it
E marmite
I give him marmite toast
E Why does it have marmite on it?

I also have a very nice new mobile with it I get free photoblogging yay! so if you want to see the photos go to I cant send the pics to this blog annoyingly.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

My sweet little sister :)

In case you haven't seen it on hyves or youtube here it is

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Hpw to climb into a drawer

My Mum

As promised links to information on the type of lymphoma mum has
If you google mantle cell lymphoma you get options to search for more specifick info

Monday, 11 August 2008

charity shops & nature studies

We came home with a stunt kite a bunch of books some map puzzles an alphabet puzzle a vocab puzzle and a math game all for less than 10 pounds.

I came across this site yesterday. Since squish and I go for a walk at least once everyday (except for times where it rains so much the street floods in less than 10 minutes) I thought we'd join.
I realize we are weeks behind but its fun nonetheless.
We picked up a couple of nice notebooks and coloured pencils, we have a little rucksack with binoculars and a bugjar that squish got from granny last christmas.
I hope to have something to post tomorrow:)

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Our ISO list

If you come across any of these items in a charity shop or similar please think of us :)

wildlife fingerpuppets like the ones on these pages
book today at the bluebird cafe
book : the handbook of nature study
chinese abacus
co operative boardgames
naturestudy books
birdwatching books
old craft magazine like golden hands
DK pc encyclopedias
childrens encyclopedias
books on trees
geography books especially travel guides
1960 style nature study posters
books on insects
childrens classics you know the books you read as a kid
biology and anatomy

Thursday, 24 July 2008

learning fun

Euan loves bugs and birds (most of the time these are presents from one of our cats though...) can't get enough of them so logically i use them in his "education".
SO many charities and origination's now have special clubs and activities it seems sill not to use them.
So my list of great places with good resources and challanges follows

I'll add to this as and when I find more animal/nature related resources

Thomas has a hat fetish....

He really does, he can be screaming his head of and the you pop a hat on him and he's all smiles

It doesn't even have to be a hat a paper bag works better sometimes

Euan with the fabulous hat

Willow hates hats and gets jealous when people play with hats

life trough Euan's eyes

All these where taken on our finepox s5600 by Euan

Daddies broken bike delivered back home


daddies bike again

fence again

floor next to coops


garden at the front

kiwigirl in the grass

Friday, 25 April 2008

Our postcrossing map

Red flag are cards we sent blue cards we recieved and the green one is us :)

View Larger Map

Thursday, 17 April 2008

vintage-ish games and saladdays :)

J has taken a bunch of days of this month to have a bit of family time. So last weekend we hit the charity shops in search of treasures. We came home with 2 (highly addictive) games and a wooden never appeared to be used salad bowl plate and utensil set. on monday J went and picked up a game from gypsy lane santa ( I don't think euan has ever been as excited over a toy (not counting his guitar obviously) it is a bunch of plastic tubes and platform and 2 hand pumps with loads of little rockets that you fly trough the tubes. I'll have to make a pic.
J is in Wales for a couple of days hopefully his bike will behave as its been playing up a bit the last few weeks.
The garrden is growing, in the front I now have 6 currantbushes rhubarb, asparagus,and 3 empty beds 1 planned for artichokes one for the currants from the back to go in and one unplanned this year for E to grow stuff in. so far we have squash beans and corn going in.
The chickens are all laying eggs even tina whom we got late last year she's about 4-5 and hadn't laid an egg for a year or so. Speckel is my black/grey pekin lays huge eggs for her size and announces this very loudly
Willow is the proud owner of 2 very sharp teeth and both are growing rapidly.
I'm of to say if the batteries are charged so i can take some pictures

Monday, 24 March 2008

Photos on the right :)

I've finally added a photo album its on the right called family photos :)

Sunday, 13 January 2008


Leeve opa!


’t Zal noeits mier zoe weare,
’t zal noeits mier zoe zien,
als toen gea nog hea waas!
Altied lekker veur os koake,
Uch zoons die bijna deede vechte,
Euver wea t letste bietje mei moch nimme.
Koake waas uch groetste hobby.
En in de zomer nog t leefste,
In de korte boks en met n heemp aan.

Oak op vakantie goan vond gea fijn.
Same met oma, Guus, Corry en Har.
Kilomeaters fietse en lekker op rus komme,
En s’oaves lekker op t terras met n pilske dr bea.
En als gea den truuk kwaamp,
Den kwame wea meistal op bezeuk,
En gink gea os vertelle wie t doa waas.

Vruuger dea ik uch hoar altied kejme,
En als uch hoar den neurgus noa zoat,
Zeit gea toch altied teage mich:
‘’Kelly det duis dich good’’

D’r is nog zoe vuul wat ik euver uch kin vertelle`,
Zoe als uche erwtensoep dea zoe lekker is,
Uche orgel, woa gea altied op deed speule,
Uch plekske bea de maas, woa ge auch rus vond.
En als ik tusse de middaag bea uch kwaam eate,
Waas gea altied ein bietje laat,
Umdet gea bea t kaarte of biljarte waart.

’n Weak lang heb ge gevochte,
maar ’t heat neat muuge baate.
Opa, ’t is good geweas!
Rus noa ma lekker oet!

PS: ik haaj van uch!

Opa passed away thursday surrounded by his children and Oma. My sister wrote the poem one day I'll translate it....


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